December 19, 2006

Single Transferable Vote

Here is an introduction to Single Transferable Vote, my perfered option for any change to our current voting system. Not because it would lead to a more equitable distribution of votes but because it means that there are no safe seats, so everybody that gets elected has to work hard for the benefit of their constituents rather than working hard just for the benefit of their party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. With computerised counts this is now a feasible option.

4:42 pm  
Blogger MatGB said...

Hmm, that argument in favour of it looks familiar. I think I've read it before somewhere...

Great link BTW, thanks.

8:21 pm  
Blogger chris said...

yep, you won me over to STV with it.

9:53 pm  
Blogger David Barry said...

I also support STV, but I would note that it has been used for years in the Republic of Ireland without benefit of computers. But of course computers could make it easier to count.

5:34 pm  

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